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Welcome to the DA gallery of NJ Huffand Emergency Exit Comics!


Not much posted on here as I have been doing a lot more comic work than regular one shot art. Built me up a mega buffer for the main EE comic so I could be working on pages for a print/downloadable book of original strips with EE characters. These are four panel strips with all the random jokes I couldn't fit into the story. I'm about 25% percent done with it, but I got quite a bit scripted and penciled ready to be finished.

One of the reasons for the book is I'm trying to get a table at the Portland Comic Book Show this November. Registration starts August 1st, hopefully I can snag a spot. I've got a lot of product orders in mind to bring along with me, and will have plenty of free teasers to hand out. It's my first convention selling my own work so it should be a interesting experience and hopefully will get my name out there as my recent mini hiatus and dropping out of the comic community for a long time while dealing with personal issues has sorta set me back.

So keep an eye out for both these events, soon as book is done it'll be available for purchase on the site, I plan to offer a print and electronic version. In the meantime spreading of the EE link, donations, and purchases are all greatly appreciated.


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Submitted on
July 28, 2011