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Welcome to the DA gallery of NJ Huff and Emergency Exit Comics!


New Comic Project and $1 EE Raffle with PRIZES

Well I just love to make myself busier and busier. I got asked by a small comic publisher to draw some chapters for a collaborative project of their, so add that onto the list. The publisher/writer has had quite a bit of work published in other places before, and is a form of pay, so it's worth delving into for me at this time in my post-graduation stage of my career. The publisher is Black Row Comics.

I was really bummed to fine out I no longer can keep my previously promised job as a Graphics Lab Assistant at my University since graduating, so an easy income just got lost of me, blah. But I think I am on a good track with my comics at the moment. Commissions are still a possibility but they might be really slow for now while I have the BR Comics stuff to work on.

I mentioned last post about making a DA EE Fan Page for fan work, but nobody commented. So is no one interested or did everyone just ignore that post cause it had Commissions in the title? The EE FB page is pretty popular so want to know what else might be of interest to peeps.

Onto the next big thing! I'm having another one of my Raffle Drawings!Buy a ticket for $1 and have a chance to win some neat prizes! Help me out while I work up on my revenue so I can pay off my hospital bills! Signed EE books,, artwork, Downloads and more! Check out the page for full details.

My Main Projects:
1. EE Comics pages twice a week (Now in colour!)
2. EE Comics Stuff and Nonsense strips, (70%)
3. 12 Page Comic for "Kent" (working on details).
4. Illustrations for RPG manual. (10%)


You can check out Commissions here.
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lexicram Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Student Writer
I'm all for the DA fanart page! It would probably get me to do more fanart!
liliy Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think everyone ignored it because it had commissions in the title. xD

Congrats on the Black Row invite. :)

But yeah; EE DA group could be fun. *thumbs up*
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Submitted on
September 15, 2011