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Welcome to the DA gallery of NJ Huff and Emergency Exit Comics!


First off, for those who missed it (I did!) here's the Adventure Time Promo Spot, my art is 58 seconds in:….

Wanting to throw out there I am open to You can check out Commissions, the page explains everything so checka it out, there's almost nothing I won't draw! I want to buy myself a cintiq for better arting without tearing into my current savings too much.

EE Fans, would you guys be interested in a EE DA group? For like, EE art, fiction and everything else produced EE related? Maybe I can hold occasional contests and whatnot. Comment your thoughts!

Art Trades:
1. :iconnevaya: (My Half) (Their Half)
2. :icond3sc3nd3d-on3: (My Half)
3. :iconhaneiy: (Waiting on references)

My Projects:
1. EE Comics pages twice a week (never done!)
2. EE Comics Stuff and Nonsense strips, (70%)
3. UF scripts, about 1-2 rough draft chapters a day.
4. Illustrations for RPG manual. (5%)
5. My RPG Group's characters. (22% done)


You can check out Commissions here.
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  • Watching: Masters of Horror
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
  • Eating: Rice
  • Drinking: Fizzy Flavoured Water
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August 31, 2011


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